Bringing Commercial businesses brighter light and increased savings.


The right lighting can make a huge difference to running costs, productivity and maintenance. LED360 has the experience to help you choose the correct lighting for the different areas of your business.

LED360 offers a free Lighting Assessment for both replacement, and new services. Our Commercial Sales Manager will visit your property, assess your requirements and current lighting, then provide a detailed written Estimate.

Commercial Products

We are Christchurch's leading experts at installing LED lighting systems whether it is designing and fitting LED's for a new property or replacing existing lighting at your current property.


Our 360 degree service includes:

  • Design (for new properties) - includes a full 3D Lighting Design
  • Installation by our experienced install team
  • Ongoing maintenance to make sure you never have any problems

Completed Projects

Super Liquor

Edgeware & Leeston


LED360 was tasked with lifting lux levels instore while also improving the visual appearance of traditional fluorescent fittings. The result was 100% as expected: significant improvement in the amount and quality of light and a less cluttered, modern store ceiling.


Christchurch Airport


Requiring a mixture of waterproof and explosive proof solutions within a car grooming area, created a fair amount of challenges for our team. Working alongside Avis management, an impressive and long-lasting solution has already paid for itself with energy and maintenance savings.

GES - Christchurch

Gas Engineering Solutions


 Together with Philips we developed a visually appealing, extremely cost effective solution. Using Philips Core battens and Philips GreenUp Highbay fittings LED360 was able to get the best possible light output and quality while also achieving an amazing ROI for the client.


Although LED's have been about for a while most people do not know what an LED is or what makes it different from other lighting options.


LED360 is regularly asked questions about LED's so we put together a short list of FAQ's we get everyday, to help you understand why LED's are the way of the future.

Why you should switch  to LED lights

They save

LED lights save up to 90% energy compared to a traditional bulb, but with the same light output.

They are right

Safe and energy efficient, do the right thing: go green and reduce your carbon footprint.

They work

LED lighting has been proven and is now taking over the world, with amazing results!

They last

LED light sources last longer, avoiding the hassle of frequent changing of light bulbs.

Trusted Partners

LED360 prefers to partner with members of the New Zealand Lighting council, so we can be confident that all the correct codes and standards are adhered to. Our trusted partners include Phillips Lighting, Visionary Technologies, Eurtech Lighting, Bright light and many more.

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Our Promise...

- Specify only premium, branded products

- Deliver a clean installation, on time every time

- We'll leave you with a home to be proud of

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