Partnering with New Zealand companies to offer the highest quality products on the market

LED360 prefers to partner with members of the New Zealand Lighting Council, so we can be confident that all the correct codes and standards are adhered to. Read more about our trusted partners below.

For 125 years, its name has been synonymous with future-proof inventions and the technology of tomorrow. Philips Lighting is a global market leader with recognised expertise in the development, manufacturing and application of innovative LED lighting solutions.

Visionary Technologies are developers, manufacturers and distributors of IC-F rated LED lighting and power conversion technology. "We can guarantee each of our lighting products are crafted using only the highest quality components"

Eurotech Lighting is innovative in the market, frequently introducing new products to New Zealand and providing cutting edge solutions to lighting requirements for home and commercial applications.

Bright Light is a leading NZ LED lighting wholesale specialist providing quality LED lights and LED lighting solutions for the residential, commercial, hospitality, marine and architectural lighting industries.

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Our Promise...

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- Deliver a clean installation, on time every time

- We'll leave you with a home to be proud of

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