The Fire Risks Associated With Traditional Downlights
June 6, 2018

5 Reasons Why Everyone Is Changing to Sealed LED Downlights

Sealed LED downlights are becoming a very popular lighting option for homes and workplaces. But what is the craze all about, why are they so popular?

Let’s explore the top 5 reasons for why everyone is switching to sealed LED downlights.

1. Stops Heat Loss

When winter rolls around, having a warm home is on everyone’s mind. No one wants to pay more for their heating than they have to. So energy efficiency and insulation become big factors in keeping those costs down.

Traditional downlights are quite literally fitted by cutting a hole in your ceiling. Those holes let the rising heat escape up into the roof cavity where it is often negated by cold air from outside. Add to that the fact that a standard halogen downlight cannot be covered by insulation. They get so hot while in operation that they can melt through the wires of their own fitting, and pose a fire risk if they come into contact with insulation fibres. Because of that, insulation must be fitted with gaps around each downlight.

Heat and energy are literally leaking out through those gaps. To compensate for the loss of heat, dollars are creeping onto your energy bill as you turn up your heater or run it for longer. By having a sealed LED light fitting, you can prevent the heat from escaping. They allow no air movement between your room and the roof cavity. LED fittings are also safe to cover with insulation, so no more leaking heat through gaps in your insulation.

That means a warmer home. It also means that you save significantly in your energy bill. In fact, Consumer has stated that you can save up to $35 per year for each downlight (if you are using a heat pump and have a minimum of 4 downlights in any area) in your home. Those are impressive savings for simply updating your light units!

2. Energy Efficiency

Who doesn’t want lower power bills, a warmer home and to be more friendly to the environment? Well, the switch to sealed LED units will allow you to do all these things.

As we mentioned above, having sealed fittings allows you to place insulation over the top of them. But they are also more energy efficient in themselves. An LED light uses around 10% of the energy that a traditional downlight uses. When you consider that you can have more than 40 downlights in your home, that is going to result in a significant saving on your energy bill and be less of a drain on energy resources.

3. Less Dust And Germs

Traditional downlight fittings are notorious for collecting dust as you very rarely get up on a ladder to dust them! The dust can also collect around the bulb which is really hard to clean without removing the whole bulb. Not to mention the danger of cleaning an electrical unit!

Germs, bacteria and pollutants can be attracted to the warmth of a traditional light fitting. That means nasties lingering around in your home and potentially being inhaled by your family every time they enter a room, or disturb the fitting by changing a bulb.

Funnily enough, a sealed LED downlight is exactly as its name suggest. It is a fully sealed unit that does not produce heat. That means no dust collecting and no heat to attract germs. In fact, some hospitals in the UK have even elected to install these units to reduce the risk of bacteria and superbugs spreading.

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4. No Creepy Crawlies

You know those holes up into your roof that we spoke about before? The ones where the heat escapes. Well it can be a two way street where things enter your home from the roof cavity. That includes the dust and pollutants we mentioned, but it can also include creepy crawlies.

A sealed light unit like an LED will prevent you from having to deal with bugs and spiders coming from the roof, as they simply will not have access through your light fittings.

5. Better Light

Sealed LED downlights are a maintenance free lighting option. The bulbs don’t need to be changed and they last for up to 25 years! Not only that, but they can provide a better quality of light. Often energy saver bulbs produce dim light, but LEDs are in no way dim and are even more energy efficient!

They provide instant light when turned on and do not flicker at all. LED lighting is crisp and efficient, but can be fitted with a dimmer to provide different lighting options if required.

If you are interested in taking up all of these benefits at your place, then get in touch with us here at LED360. We can discuss what options are available for your home and answer any of your questions. We would love to help you make your home cleaner, warmer and more energy efficient.

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