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May 24, 2018

The Top 6 Benefits Of LED Lighting

When it comes to lighting solutions, LEDs are leading the way. But what makes them better than a standard light bulb? Are they really the energy efficient, electricity saving powerhouse that everyone is talking about?

Let’s explore the top 6 benefits of LED lighting and if they might be right for you place…

The Top 6 Benefits of LED Lighting

1: Efficiency

Did you know that LED downlights use a whopping 90% less energy than a standard light bulb?

In modern homes it is rare to find a lounge that is lit with only one 60 to 100 watt light bulb. Rather, there are 6 to 8 downlights instead. If standard light bulbs were used in these downlights, you would need anywhere between 360 and 800 watts just to light up your lounge!

However, if you replaced those standard downlights with LED units, you would require less than 50 watts to light your room. And LED lights give a better light output. So in comparison, they are much more efficient at generating great light in your home or workplace.

2: Longevity

An LED light unit can last for up to 20 years, as opposed to a standard light bulb which has a maximum life of 2 years. LED bulbs are also more robust than their standard counterparts as they do not contain a filament. This all means lower maintenance costs for you. By getting more hours from each bulb, you will have to replace them less.

3: Cleaner and Greener

Some traditional lights contain toxic components like mercury, which can be harmful for the environment. LEDs are a cleaner lighting source as they do not contain any harmful chemicals. LEDs also require less energy to power them. That means they have less of a carbon footprint than other lighting sources as they don’t need as much electricity to run.

LED units last longer than other light bulbs so do not need to be constantly replaced. That is good news for the environment. It results in less landfill waste and less CO2 emissions that are generated during the manufacturing and transport of replacement bulb products.

Because LED lighting is a low energy solution, it works perfectly with a renewable energy source such as solar power.

4: Switching

Do you remember getting told off as a kid for playing with the light switch? That is because your Mum and Dad knew that flicking a standard light bulb on and off multiple times reduced its lifespan. While we aren’t saying you should encourage the kids to play with the light switch now, LED lights can be turned on and off many times without affecting their life expectancy.

5: Instant

You would normally have to wait a couple of seconds for a standard light bulb to reach its full brightness. But an LED provides instant, clear light from the second you flip the switch. You also don’t have to worry about flickering as it produces a constant output of light.

6: Safety

Superior safety is one of the major benefits of LED lighting. Because an LED lamp generates virtually no heat, they are cool to touch and can be left on for hours without fear of overheating. Not only do LEDs reduce the risk of contact burns and fires, but they also minimise the wear and tear on your light fitting.

So have we convinced you? Are you an LED Lighting convert?

If you are interested in knowing about the benefits of LED lighting in your home, then get in touch with Hayden Creed at LED 360 today. He is happy to discuss if LEDs are right for you and even provide you with an obligation free quote. Contact us today.

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