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Core Range Batten Gen 2

The new Core Range Batten can be used to replace traditional battens with fluorescent lamps. Core Range Batten is a high quality LED batten and a high system efficacy that delivers significant energy savings of up to 50% as compared to conventional T8 battens. With a reliable and robust housing structure, this maximizes the endurance and contributes to its long lifetime.

Core Range Batten Gen 2 Product Information

Rated Life50,000 hours (15 years if used 9 hours per day)
Energy use40 / 60 Watts
IP and Impact1200mm or 1500mm
Lumens4300 / 6000
ApplicationOne-for-one replacement for 1200mm and 1500mm twin flourescent fittings

CoreLine Waterproof

The new CoreLine Waterproof range of LED products can be used to replace traditional waterproof luminaires with fluorescent lamps.Direct replacement for conventional waterproof luminaires in terms of light performance, installation flexibility and length.

CoreLine Waterproof Product Information

Rated Life50,000 hours (15 years if used 9 hours per day)
Energy use23 / 41 / 57 Watts
IP and ImpactIP65 and IK08 (weatherproof and vandal resistant)
Lumens2200 / 4000 / 6000
ApplicationOne-for-one replacement for most waterproof luminaires ranging from 58 - 116w

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