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Tango G3

The energy-saving Philips Tango G3 LED Floodlight is the ideal solution for a wide range of Area lighting applications. It incorporates the LED light source, optical system, heat sink and driver into one compact and robust housing that meets globally recognized safety standards. Its specially designed heat sink incorporates aesthetics and functionality to ensure excellent reliability

Tango G3 Product Information

ProductBVP381 / BVP382
Rated Life50,000 hours (11 years if used 12 hours per day)
Energy use70 / 100 / 200 Watts
IP and ImpactIP66 and IK08
Lumens8400 / 12000 / 24000
ApplicationOne-for-one replacement for metal halide 250 - 400w Flood lights

Essential SmartBright

Philips Essential SmartBright LED Floodlight is a versatile flood light engineered to deliver significant energy savings of up to 90%*. In addition, its robust construction with toughened front glass meets IP65 and IK07 requirements, making it an ideal solution for diverse flood lighting applications.

Essential SmartBright Product Information

Rated Life30,000 hours (9 years if used 9 hours per day)
Energy use30 / 50 / 70 Watts
IP and ImpactIP65 and IK07 (weatherproof and vandal resistant)
Lumens2600 / 4300 / 6000
ApplicationOne-for-one replacement for most halogen floods

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