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Bring Colour and Warmth to your home with LED’s

LED Downlights have proven themselves to be the number one solution for upgrading recessed downlights. LED360 only supplies long-lasting, quality LED’s that are non toxic and have a positive effect on our world.

LED360 offers full ‘360 degree service’: supply, installation and maintenance. We only use Registered Electricians - giving you the best possible service, plus manufacturers’ Warranties and Guarantees.

Switching to LED lights is a smart move - you will:

  • Save up to 90% on your lighting costs. You won’t change another light bulb for 20 years!
  • Be amazed by how much brighter your room looks with LED lighting
  • Eliminate heat loss so you can heat your home easier

Residential Products


LED Downlights have proved themselves to be one of the best things that you can upgrade in your home, to give the biggest benefits with the lowest investment. Quality LED Downlights will last 30+ year, give the right amount of light and really compliment an area.


LED Fittings have been designed from the ground up to drastically improve your existing lighting/ fittings. Offering very high light output and minimal energy consumption this is a long term saving product that will also been seen as a modernisation to your home.


A properly insulated home is the difference between day and night, just like wearing a woollen jersey in the cold our homes need to be wrapped up to keep the heat in in winter and the heat out in summer.


All homes built since 2000 should have some sort of ventilation system, for our own health and well being to move and clear the air we live in and breath. Asthma sufferers note a massive improvement in breathing and health when in a well ventilated home.

What our customer have to say...

Very good company and understanding

~ June 2018 ~
excellent product, & awesome result

~ May 2018 ~
Good service and pleased with lighting

~ Mar 2018 ~
We love our new lights! The house is noticeably warmer, and the LED's are much easier on the eyes than our old ones were.

~ May 2018 ~
We are very happy with our new LED lights.

~ April 2018 ~
Great service, very easy to deal with & the lights are so much better than what we had.

~ April 2018 ~

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