HeatTrans Systems

HeatTrans systems are specifically designed to utilise your excess heat by transferring it from your lounge, or heat source room, and distributing it to other rooms in your home.

If you have ever found yourself “HOT” in one room, while the rest of the house may be unbearably cold, then this is the system you need! By transferring your excess heat you are able to ‘take the chill off’ your bedrooms, and as a result create a warm comfortable environment for your family.

Benefits of HeatTrans Systems

HeatTrans systems are known for their “whisper quiet” operation. They are the only system on the market to include acoustic insulated ducting, used to achieve maximum heat transfer with minimum noise.

Quieter Air Transfer

A SmartVent Positive Pressure system provides a healthy environment to live by ensuring your family are breathing better fresh air. It reduces the chance of being infected by viruses, mould problems, respiratory problems, smoke and carbon monoxide inhalation and reduces water damage to your home. Positive Pressure Systems are suitable for most homes; particularly where timber and older aluminium joinery allows for air good circulation.

Quieter Air Transfer

Unique acoustic insulated duct in Heat Trans heat transfer systems reduces airflow noise to a ‘whisper quiet’ level. Better temperature heat retention is achieved also, during heat transfer.

Ultimate Control

Heat Trans gives the ultimate control in heat transfer systems. The high quality automated touch screen controls when the heat transfer system operates to maintain your pre-set comfort level in your lounge.

Easily Adjustable

The diffusers within your home are easily adjustable to allow balancing of the airflow into each room. Simply twist the centre section of the diffuser to allow more or less air into each room. Or if your diffuser is located in a guest bedroom you can simply close that diffuser completely when the room is not in use.

Summer Feature

Add a Summer-Vent Extension kit now to draw outside air via an inlet grille in the soffit, through the high efficiency F7 filter and circulate the fresher air around the home. Summer-Vent uses the existing Heat Trans heat transfer ducting/outlets.

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